fairCASH - the first true digital cash solution

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Management of payment operations has already become mission critical. For plenty reasons business cases are being transferred from the physical world to the Internet.

Traditionally, the design of payment systems is closely related to the human habit: Already in a very early state, money became an integral part of mankind’s existence, almost at all locations of discovery of ancient settlement places, detections for natural money were made by historians. Today, we are where our children are called ‘digital natives’, living in a world of networks and embedded computational resources everywhere.

Most existing ePayment schemes are not able to offer a seamless way for the masses. It is our passion to show how to present and recreate the already proven good monetary Physical Cash exchange system on the Internet, presenting a way out from the transaction cost world of payments. With fairCASH we contribute a new technical way to pay for the community using a true Digital Cash indivisible token system feasible for global, cross-border and multi-currency payments.

Take a ride into a different world of payment by visiting our fairCASH site and don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions about fairCASH.

Heinz Kreft
Managing Partner fairCASH Place