fairCASH - the first true digital cash solution

The power to be effective and so far the quality of being able to bring about an effect is the central goal of effectiveness.

In our fairCASH case it is the sum of all expenditures and labor needed to get the majority of payments transactions well done. If this gets translated into technical requirements in combination with environmental services and the collateral costs associated with their provision, it gives another clear definition:

A fairCASH electronic payment transaction has to be cheap, including the capital expenditure and their asset costs, setup outlays and operational expenses of the entire system. Efficiency can be measured in numerous ways, e.g.:

  • Number and size of messages to make an exchange transfer,
  • number of (asymmetrically) cryptographic operations for a single exchange transfer,
  • amount of memory storage space required for an eWallet,
  • amount of program code required for our eWallet functionality,
  • performance of our eWallet environment facilitating the computations,
  • performance of our selected algorithms and implemented cryptographic primitives,
  • costs for operating the eMint, the certification system and the fairCASH infrastructure,
  • costs for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) networking and infrastructure services,
  • cost of the eWallet ownership.

fairCASH maintains a high level of being able to bring about an effect, so it achieves this property by adopting to all these points.