fairCASH - the first true digital cash solution

Unlinkability is considered to be a sub property of privacy. If the eMint or someone else in a payment system has the ability to chain transactional data produced by the same user, than there is no privacy at all, because revealing the identity of the user or eWallet in only one payment transaction also leads to the loss of anonymity in the other chained transactions.

Unlinkability is a system property, if the eMint or any other third party is impossible to link the evidence produced by a user or eWallet in any two different (electronic) payment transactions. The majority of the privacy protecting payment systems in the literature intends to honor unconditional information theoretic unlinkability as a desirable feature.

All payment transfers within the fairCASH system provide no ability for anybody to chain transactional data produced by the same user: This furnished unconditional unlinkability.