fairCASH - the first true digital cash solution

In nowadays mobile economy easy applicable paying goods and services are of vital demand. The lack of such ability in the Internet world is a fundamental hurdle that has to be overcome in order to connect all parties and players.

Equivalence of Physical and Digital Cash.
Equivalence of physical and digital cash.

We believe that a secure distributed transaction system which protects customer's privacy should be of highest priority. That's why we created fairCASH.

fairCASH is the world's first Digital Cash system that exhibits all the characteristics of the traditional Physical Cash while adding contemporary communications features:

  • cash usable within the Internet,
  • unlimited transferable among all users,
  • unconditioned anonymous,
  • no registration before using at fairCASH acceptance points,
  • functional even if the Internet infrastructure is not available/down,
  • legal certainty due to automated generation of receipts,
  • limited refund capabilities,
  • ticketing freely included,
  • free of fees or transaction cost for private users.

fairCASH is by no means a new currency but an innovative, incentive and tentative way to supplement the proven good old Physical Cash system.

This site explains the fairCASH system's intention and functionality.