fairCASH - the first true digital cash solution

TrustCenter services are (third) parties trusted by an entity to faithfully perform certain services for that entity.

Our teleportation protocol uses complex compound data-objects. Most of them are certificates with references to the standard ITU-T X.509v3 or are based on their structure. Our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provides the means to bind public keys to objects and eases the distribution of reliable objects within large communities. The ability to work with institutions, eWallets, firmware, people, policies and procedures is essential to create, manage, store, distribute and revoke the eCoins and all other PKI-based objects relying on this structure. Our purposes of using a certificate in the fairCASH system are:

  1. To provide trust in the whole system.
  2. To limit the participation of an entity in the system.
  3. To allow an investigation of multi-spent eCoins to be carried out.
  4. To configure the complete fairCASH system to meet the needs of its operator(s) and users.
X.509v3 Class 4 Backoffice Certificate and PKI Architecture.
X.509v3 Class 4 Backoffice Certificate and PKI Architecture.